What birth control should I use Post-abortion?

You can choose to use or not use contraceptives after the abortion. If you want to get pregnant again, you just need to stop taking birth control. However, if you do not want to get pregnant again, you should start using contraceptives immediately after the abortion. This is important because your fertility will return quickly after the abortion. Within a few weeks and certainly within three months. Once your menstrual cycle returns, there is a high chance that you will ovulate and thus become fertile again. So it’s important to start using contraceptives right away!

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You can choose to use or not use contraceptives.

You can choose to use or not use contraceptives.

Contraceptives are not 100% effective and you may still become pregnant or contract a sexually transmitted disease. If you do, it is important that you talk to your doctor about how long after an abortion should I wait before having sex with my partner again

When to start using contraceptives after abortion

If you do not want to get pregnant again, you should start using contraceptives immediately after the abortion. You should use contraceptives for at least a year and as long as you want to avoid getting pregnant again.

You should also use contraceptives to avoid having a sexually transmitted disease. Many STDs are curable, but some can make it difficult for a woman to conceive when she’s older or causes miscarriage if she does become pregnant.

If you’re thinking about having sex with your partner, talk about whether he has been tested for STDs and what kind of protection he wants from both pregnancy and STDs, such as condoms or birth control pills.

Birth control after abortion

After an abortion, your body will not be back to normal for a long time. Abortion changes your body and it can take some time for everything to get back to how it was before. Some of these changes are:

  • Your hormones will change. This means you may feel more emotional and less in control of your emotions than usual, or you may experience the opposite (feeling very calm).
  • Your cervix may change shape or size after an abortion. This can make it harder for you to become pregnant again if you don’t use contraception both during sex and in between periods (because sperm can stay alive inside a woman’s body for up to 5 days).
  • Your uterus might become slightly smaller than before after an abortion, but it should return to normal within 6 months.
  • If there was any damage done to the uterus during the procedure then this could mean that future pregnancies might not work properly because there wasn’t enough space left inside when they were placed inside their mothers’ wombs where they grow up until they are born!

If you are not ready to become pregnant again, it is important that you use contraceptives. This can help prevent another unwanted pregnancy in the future. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask your doctor or nurse for more information on what contraceptive method is best for you.

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