How do I handle an unplanned pregnancy?

Unplanned Pregnancy

This can be a scary time, but there are many options available to you.

unplanned pregnancy

Know your options

To make the right decision, you need to understand all of your options.

  • Abortion consists of ending a pregnancy by terminating the embryo or fetus. This can be done by taking pills (medical abortion) or surgically removing the embryo or fetus from the uterus (surgical abortion).
  • Adoption is when you give up parental rights over your child for someone else to raise them. You do this voluntarily and with full consent from both parents.
  • Parenting is keeping your child after birth and raising them as best as possible until they’re old enough to take care of themselves without any help from others around them at all times while they grow up over time until adulthood when they can live independently without needing anyone else’s assistance anymore! If possible extend how long their childhood lasts as long as possible so there aren’t any major changes in lifestyle throughout different stages in life except maybe small differences here or there depending on what kind of personality traits they might have picked up along the way

Get educated.

Get educated.

You have a lot of information to digest, but it’s crucial that you take the time to do so. You should know all the facts about abortion. The more informed you are, the better equipped you’ll be to make an informed decision and get through this difficult situation with your health and emotional well-being intact.

Ask yourself some difficult questions.

When you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, it’s important to step back and ask yourself some difficult questions. These are some of the big ones:

  • What are your feelings about being a parent, abortion, adoption, and parenting?
  • What are your feelings about living with your parents?

Have a conversation with your partner.

  • Have a conversation with your partner.

It’s important that you and your partner are on the same page and are both in agreement about having a child or not. You should also discuss any fears, concerns and worries you may have. The more open you can be with each other, the better chance you’ll have of making an informed decision that works for both of you.

Reach out for help.

Luckily, there are plenty of resources to help you navigate this difficult journey. Your first step is to reach out for support. While it might feel weird or uncomfortable to talk about your pregnancy with a loved one, remember that this is not the end of your life: it’s merely the beginning of a new chapter filled with excitement and wonder.

If you can’t talk to anyone close to you, there are many other options. There are websites like ours that provide helpful information on how best to handle an unplanned pregnancy. For more information, you may contact Dr Eve on +27731761148.

Support is available for women facing unplanned pregnancies

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, there are a number of people who can provide support. These include:

  • Your partner. It is important to remember that they will be going through this as well and need their own support system.
  • Family members, friends, and other loved ones. They may not know what to say or how to act around you but offering your time and attention can go a long way toward helping them feel better about the situation.
  • Health care providers such as doctors and nurses who can help answer questions about prenatal care during pregnancy, abortion procedures and birth control methods (including abstinence).
  • Clergy from religious organizations or non-denominational groups may offer guidance on spiritual matters related to what has happened in your life at this time.

At the end of the day, deciding what to do about an unplanned pregnancy isn’t a choice anyone should have to make alone—and that’s why there are services available for women faced with this difficult question. If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

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