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Understanding how long your medication takes to work is an important part of knowing how and when to take it.

In general, Misoprostol takes about 1-4 hours to work. If you are still pregnant after taking the Misoprostol, you can take a second dose. If you are still pregnant after taking a second dose, contact your doctor immediately.

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How will I know if the abortion pills have worked?

You will know if it worked when you start to see blood or tissue. If this does not happen within a few hours of taking the misoprostol, it has not worked and you should contact your abortion clinic for further advice or help.

Relieving pain during or after taking the abortion pills

There are a number of things you can do to help alleviate pain and discomfort during the procedure and after.

If an injection isn’t possible, there are other methods that might work for you. Before the procedure starts, you can take a painkiller. This can help to reduce cramps and pain afterwards.

You should also plan for some time to rest after the procedure is over. This ensures that your body has time to recover from any incidental discomfort caused by cramping and bleeding. However, don’t go overboard with this. Napping too much will make it harder for your body’s natural processes of healing and repair.

In addition: drinking plenty of fluids (particularly water) afterwards will help speed up healing; eating a light meal afterwards will give energy; taking warm baths while resting is soothing; trying meditation techniques such as yoga or breath work helps calm anxiety; massaging acupressure points on your hands helps release tension in the uterus area

Know what questions to ask.

Asking questions is important. It allows you to make sure that you understand the abortion procedure and what the risks, side effects and aftercare are. You should ask questions about costs too so that you can decide if it’s right for you. It’s also worth asking about alternatives—there may be other ways of getting an abortion that is cheaper or more convenient than using Misoprostol at home alone. For more information please contact Dr Eve Abortion Clinic at +27731761148.


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