Bleeding after an abortion

How long do the abortion pills take to work? and for how long will you bleed?

Most women start bleeding one to four hours after using the abortion pills. You can expect pelvic pain similar to menstrual cramping as well as bleeding and passing clots for about 3–14 days afterwards, with less pain overall.

Bleeding may continue for up to 2 weeks afterwards since it can take that long for all of the pregnancy tissue to come out from your womb.

For how long will you bleed?

Most women have light bleeding (like a period) with small clots, similar to the first few days of their period. The bleeding gets heavier within a few hours and is usually heavier than a normal period. It can be heavy for up to 10 days. You may also have cramping.

bleeding after aborion

 The bleeding will likely be heavier than your normal period.

  • You are unlikely to have heavy bleeding right after you take the abortion pills. When the abortion begins, it may come as a surprise. You will have to change your pad every hour. Don’t use tampons.
  • The amount of bleeding varies from one woman to another and from one abortion to another. Some women bleed very heavily and some hardly bleed at all. It is similar to a normal period for most women, but it does not last as long.

Most women have their heaviest bleeding two to four hours after using misoprostol, a type of hormone.

Whether you have heavy bleeding and cramping depends on many factors, including your medications, how far along you are in your pregnancy, and whether you are doing the medication abortion at home or at a clinic.

Misoprostol causes contractions of the uterus and causes bleeding to start. It may cause nausea or diarrhoea; if either happens, drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated. The abortion pill is taken either by mouth or inserted into the vagina, depending on the brand used. Mifepristone followed by misoprostol is taken within two days of each other; mifepristone is taken first followed by 24 to 48 hours later by misoprostol.

You may pass blood clots as large as lemons, that’s normal.

You may pass blood clots as large as lemons or grapefruits, which is normal. To determine if the clots you are passing are large or small, compare them to something that’s a similar size. For example, if you have a lemon in your kitchen, use that to estimate the size of any passed blood clots. If they’re smaller than a lemon, they’re small. If they’re larger than a lemon, they’re large.

You may pass bloody mucus (thicker than discharge), which is normal. The presence of red colouration indicates that there is likely blood in the mucus which means it’s normal for this stage of your abortion process. If there is no red colouration present.

Bleeding is one of the earliest signs that your medical abortion has begun and can last for up to 10 days.

Bleeding usually starts within 4 to 6 hours after you take the termination pills. Bleeding is one of the earliest signs that your medical abortion has begun and can last for up to 10 days. You may have light bleeding or spotting before your next period comes.

Medical abortion is different from a miscarriage because it’s caused by taking medicines. The medicines are given to start a miscarriage, which means that it causes an early pregnancy loss. When you start bleeding after using the medicines, you know that your pregnancy will end soon. Sometimes women also pass blood clots and tissue as part of their medical abortion. This is normal, and passing clots is not a sign of heavy bleeding unless they’re soaking two or more maxi-size pads per hour for two consecutive hours after you’ve taken medicine to stop bleeding at home or in a clinic setting. 

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