July 19, 2024

abortion pills

Abortion Pills Okambonde: How to order your abortion pills today

Abortion pills are safe to use at both early and late stages.  At Abortion Clinic Okambonde offers safe and effective abortion pills at affordable prices. Call Dr Eve on +27731761148 to book now.

A medical abortion (abortion pills) uses medication to end a pregnancy.

The treatment involves taking two types of medicine at two different times to end the pregnancy. The first medication stops the pregnancy from growing by blocking the hormone progesterone and causes separation of the pregnancy from the wall of the womb.

The second medication causes the softening and opening of the cervix which causes contractions of the womb and leads to the pregnancy passing through the vagina. You will experience mild cramps and bleeding similar to a miscarriage.

We also include womb cleaning pills. This is to be used after the abortion process has taken place.

1. Contact us for a telephone consultation

If you choose to have an abortion, and you are suitable for at-home abortion, one of our nurses will call you at an agreed time to discuss your treatment. This will also give you an opportunity to ask questions about the abortion process and what to expect. We do have appointments available.

2.Receive your abortion pills package.

Following your consultation, you will have the option to have your medication package delivered or posted to you.

3.How to use the medication

When you receive your medication package, you will be given step-by-step instructions on how to use the abortion pills as well as womb cleaning pills.

4.Post-abortion care hotline

The recovery time after an abortion will be different for every woman. But you will feel better in a few days. However, if you have any questions after the treatment, we are here to help. You can contact our aftercare line on +27731761148.

The importance of at-home abortion

Our new service will prevent many women from having to make unnecessary trips to abortion clinics. This will also help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This new telemedicine service will also help us provide services to women who are far distances from our clinics

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