Is coconut oil a good natural lube option?

Coconut oil is an excellent natural lube for both personal lubrication or lubrication during intercourse.

Coconut oil

No matter the quality of your sex life, chances are it can be enhanced with a little lubrication.

Lube works by decreasing friction in your genitals. This can be helpful if your body doesn’t produce enough lubrication due to ageing, medications, or hormones.

While there are many different types of lube specifically designed for this purpose, you may consider coconut oil if you want to try something more natural and free of some of the chemicals found in other products.

It’s also known for its moisturizing properties, making it an especially appealing lubricant.

Benefits of using coconut oil as a lubricant

Its moisturizing properties may make the product an effective lube and allow for longer-lasting intercourse.

For women going through menopause, coconut oil may be especially helpful. It’s common to experience the following symptoms during menopause that may increase the need for lube:

  • vaginal dryness
  • pain during sex
  • loss of fatty tissue, which creates thinner tissue around the vaginal skin

In particular, vaginal atrophy may be combatted with more frequent sex, so it’s important to deal with any pain associated with sex.

Will it weaken latex condoms?

Yes, it may. If you’re using latex condoms or dental dams, it’s important to stick with water-based or silicone-based lubes to stay on the safe side.

Does using coconut oil as a lubricant increase the risk of infection?

Coconut oil has a high pH, making it alkaline, while the normal pH of the vagina is acidic. These properties can disrupt the natural pH balance of your vagina. This upset can cause yeast infections or other vaginal infections.

If you’re prone to yeast infections, you may want to stay away from using coconut oil as lube until further research is conducted.

In conclusion

You may be tempted to reach for coconut oil during intimacy, but more research is needed to determine how safe it really is.

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